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Agricultural Sprayer Drones < Products


1- General Description


This Sprinkle soluble drone is a flying machine which is able to be controlled fully by automated system or by a pilot to do its mission. The range of payload that this robot can take is vary between 5 to 20 kilograms and within this specific range and according to customer need, it is able to sprinkle the soluble substances on a ground between 1 to 3 hectare(s) within 15 minutes period.

By implementing this solution we are able to sprinkle the substances uniformly and we are proud to announce that it can save up to 90% water in contrast to other traditional available methods and also by the mean time reduce the relative amount of consuming pesticide and increase the speed and efficiency. Therefore, there are no danger to land and crops and along with the help of academic support and specialized technical team of Hi-Sky; it will bring the peace and enjoyment to the farmers.


2- Performance description

a- The Sprayer

With the help of Micronaire and adjustable nuzzle and variable engine speed it can transform the thick solution of water and spraying droplets into very fine particles between 50 to 500 micron size and with help of this process we are able to dissolve a large amounts of water within a short period of time. Of course, as we have already witnessed the Micronaire nozzle efficiency in different operations such as Herbicides, Fungicides, and insecticides has proven and this UAV

ground sprayer is an upgraded model of its ancestors.

Small droplets of solution during the severe airflow rate, which is created by large and powerful engines, are redirected to the plant and this function reduces other unwanted variables in this sprayed mechanism.


b- The fertilizer

In traditional fertilizing method spraying soluble with the help of T-Jet nuzzles installed on tractor lance was reducing 50 percent efficiency of soluble therefore this method was not viable to the farmers, especially if they used expensive liquid fertilizers. However, with help of drone, which gives the operator, higher accuracy and controllability it will help to not only spray the soluble in a uniform manner but also it is very cost efficient.


c- Soluble fertilizers (micronutrient)

Higher price of micronutrients, low efficiency of traditional methods of spraying and consequently making abundant troubles with in the operation making farmers to neglect this important step. Although, they do believe how imperative it is to grow more qualified crop yields.

With the help of drone, it is possible to transport field cultivation crop and gardening crop with higher accuracy in a short amount of time. However, uniform droplets on concentrate plants are absorbed more quickly. 

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