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Heavy Lifting Delivery Drones < Products

Drone for logistics purposes

The knowledge based Hi-Sky company, Designing and manufacturing heavy lifting vertical-takeoff drone in Fars Science and Technology park. The design can be categorized into 3 different versions:

6-axile, 8-axile, 18-axile and be able to takeoff with 24 kg, 35 kg, 56 kg payload, respectively. Therefore, it is able to cover the 15-km coverage area but not limited to.

We have already manufactured some of our design for our customers as follows:

1-     Spraying Drone to carry soluble and mineral material in 3 different versions ( 5 Liters,10 Liters, 15 Liters). Able to spray 1 hectare within 15 minutes.

2-     Reconnaissance and surveillance with 5 kg payload (Camera)

3-     Photographic a photogrammetry and remote sensing can be achieved as well.


Hi-Sky Company is able to implement all the necessary ingredients from different aspect of engineering world and put them all together from: Designing, Manufacturing, Programming and Artificial Intelligence in order to satisfy customers’ needs 

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